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Honoured to share this project with you all!

The wonderful Michelle (@mishmashc) is Coppatrekking the Sahara to raise funds for CoppaFeel in November. Just 254 days after finishing her breast cancer treatment! Michelle was diagnosed at just 41 years young in the middle of the pandemic. She is one truly amazing woman!

We came up this this design whilst sat in her pub The Bell Inn - Chichester (best pub ever) to help raise money for her life changing trek!

50% of your purchase goes to Michelle’s JustGiving page

Available in either a brooch or keyring in super limited quantities! (We will make more if we sell out!)

Heart pendant measures 6cm x 4.4cm made from teal acrylic.

Thank you for your support ❤️

CoppaFeel Charity - Feel ‘Em Boobie Teal Love Heart Scroll - Brooch OR Keyring

  • All items are carefully handmade and not mass produced, therefore imperfections may occur and should be handled and worn with care. Some colours in photos may vary from the photos attached due to lighting.

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