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Who is Peggy's Difference


Peggy’s Difference supplies handmade accessories with a twist!

Here is how it all started...

Established by Lauren (A.K.A. Peggy Peril), Peggy’s Difference was originally created in 2011 when Lauren was feeling uninspired at her day job and felt her creativity was being stunted. Before long a simple coffee table was given a new lease of life and her path was set, revamping furniture and soft furnishings.


In 2014 Lauren scored a dream job as a professional Lego builder, so the journey of Peggy's Difference came to a halt. Then, BAM! It's 2020, coronavirus has hit the world, and Lauren's job comes to a pause like the rest of the world...

During the lockdown period, she began sewing and donating hundreds of scrub bags for the NHS. This ignited a fire inside of her and the need to create. Not only for herself, but for other people too!

She decided to give PD a makeover and thus PD 2.0 was born June 2020!

Lauren draws inspiration from many areas including retro fashions, rock n’ roll, punk rock, alternative lifestyles and her beloved Roller Derby.

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